Tutorial IV:基于质谱学的食品分析新方法:定向蛋白质组学和高分辨MS、MS3

  • 基于质谱学的食品分析新方法:定向蛋白质组学和高分辨MS、MS3

  • Jens Brockmeyer 教授

    斯图加特大学 | 教授

    Education and Professional Experience
    1997-2002 Study of Food Chemistry, University of Münster
    2002-2003 Second state examination in Food Chemistry
    2004 Research associate, Institute for Legal Medicine, University of Bonn
    2005-2009 Graduation to Ph.D. in Food Chemistry, University of Münster (“summa cum laude”) Thesis:“Structure and function of the plasmid- encoded bacterial serine protease autotransporter EspP from Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli“.
    2009 Postdoctoral research, Institute for Hygiene, University Clinics of Münster
    01/10-03/16 Group leader Food proteomics and Allergenomics , Institute for Food Chemistry, Münster
    since 04/16 Professor for Analytical Food Chemistry, University of Stuttgart

    Honors and Awards
    2004 Poster prize of the German society for Legal Medicine (DGR)
    2007-2010 Member of the Network of Excellence “EuroPathoGenomics”
    2009 PhD thesis prize of the German Society for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology (DGHM)
    2009 “Summa cum laude award” of the University of Münster
    2010 Joseph Schormüller-Fellowship of the German Society of Food Chemistry (LChG) in the GDCH
    2014 Kurt-Täufel-Prize of the German Society of Food Chemistry (LChG) in the GDCH



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