Lunch Seminar III:介绍日本电子扫描电镜 JSM-7900F 如何制作扫描电镜观察用的截面样品



> - 介绍日本电子扫描电镜 JSM-7900F

> - 如何制作扫描电镜观察用的截面样品

> -电子显微镜

Presentation titles: 

> - Introduction JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-7900F

> - How to make a cross section of specimens for observation by Scanning

> -Electron Microscope





- SEM样品制备的基础

- 各种实用材料的样品制备的应用


- 最新SEM的功能、性能及其优越性

- 最新SEM的多功能扩展

Training content:

An introduction of recent sample preparation techniques

  -Basics of sample preparation for an SEM

  -Application of various sample preparation method to actual materials

 An introduction of modern SEM world

  -Advantages of Modern SEM functions and performance

  -Expansion of versatilities of modern SEM


  • Mr Tan Teck Siong

    Mr Tan Teck Siong graduated from National University of Singapore with a bachelor degree in Electrical engineering in 1992. He joined Insitutte of Microelectronics in 1993 for one and a half year. After that, he joined JEOL Asia Pte Ltd in 1995 as Country sales manager.
    Currently he is the sales director of JEOL Asia as well as the SEM product manager.



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