Analytikjena AG

Analytikjena AG

Germany | E2.2414 E3.3400

analysis and quality control

Analysis | Reagents, chemicals

Industrial analysis | Manufacturing chemistry | Foodstuff analysis | Environmental analysis | Solids analysis | Life Science

Company Profile

Analytik Jena is a complete system provider of analytical measuring technology focussing on instrument business:Analytical Instrumentation--High-end analysis systems for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquids, solids, and gases in environmental, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural analysis (Sample Preparation,ICP-MS,ICP-OES, AAS, HR-CS AAS, AFS, UV VIS/NIR, TOX/TOC/TN, Water determination), Elemental Analysis (C, N, S, Cl).
Life Science--A system provider for bio-analysis, from DNA purification through robotics, PCR products, and detection to complex kits for molecular diagnostics in the life sciences as well as for foodstuffs and water analysis.



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