Suzhou Molarray Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Molarray Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Suzhou Molarray Biological technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2010, is specialized in molecular diagnosis, genetic testing and microbial detection technology as the core of high-tech enterprises. Molarrayi Biological headquarters is located in state-level industrial park - biological nanometer science and technology park, with nearly 3000m2 production workshop; in 2016, respectively, set up R & D center in Canada and established Shanghai hongqiao marketing center ; Gradually integrates r&d, production and marketing.

Molarray Biological after years of research, in the ‘automatic control, image processing, optical detection, microscopic, liquid paths, electronic applications and software’, formed the independent technical accumulation, with over 20 domestic and foreign patents and software copyright 6 ; Independent research and development of the international leading ‘genetic testing technology platform’, the ‘automatic liquid road extraction technology platform’ and ‘automated microbial detection technology platform’. On this technology platform, has formed ‘the fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system, isothermal fluorescence quantitative PCR amplification detector, portable fluorescence quantitative PCR detection system ’, ‘nucleic acid extraction and sample system’ and ‘automatic fecal microbes detector, automatic vaginal environment comprehensive evaluation system’ portfolio of products.

Molarray Biological adhering to the ‘professional, innovation and user experience’ spirit of enterprise, adhere to the ‘Customers as the center, quality as the fundamental’ business philosophy, dedicated to serve the Chinese market.

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