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Shandong Vanboss Laboratory Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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Company Profile

Vanboss dedicates to customers with an integrated customized solution which is advanced laboratory construction from laboratory construction consultant, research, design, standardized construction, projects management and maintenance.

Vanboss has laboratory design license, normalized laboratory construction process and premium services. The company has architectural decoration project specialized contracting Grade 2, building decoration engineering design second class, construction of electron-mechanical facilities responsibility level-3, professional environmental engineering of level-3 and safety production license etc. Vanboss insists on the construction for research laboratories as core business which features the excellent and professional. It established that all the projects from Vanboss are premium.

The customers of Vanboss cover from bio-pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, environment inspection, test & inspection and public security, research & education and food industries. Vanboss has the ability to build one stop turnkey project with the safe and scientific laboratory working environment.

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