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laboratory equipment and technology

Analysis | Test and measurement and quality control | Laboratory apparatus

Industrial analysis | Manufacturing chemistry | Foodstuff analysis | Environmental analysis | Solids analysis | Surfaces, thin coatings | Special applications | Life Science | Biomedical | Medical and healthcare, inspeciton and quarantline | Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery

Company Profile

According to the tenet of Quality, Initiative and Innovation, METTLER TOLEDO always dedicates itself to offering the precision instruments and weighing apparatus of excellent quality, as well as the comprehensive technical support services. Looking through the development of weighing and analysis technology around the world, it is not hard to find out that METTLER TOLEDO helps improve people’s working efficiency and contributes to people’s social life with the firm faith and incremental wisdom in professional fields.

METTLER TOLEDO laboratory instruments are used in research, scientific, drug discovery, and quality control labs, amongst many others in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries. In fact, we are a global market leader with the three instrument groups most frequently used in the laboratory (balances, pipettes, and pH meters), industrial weighing, process inspection and product inspection. To ensure you preserve the value of your investment. Whether your business is in a laboratory, an industrial plant, or a grocery store, METTLER TOLEDO has what you covered.

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