analytica China 2024 will be held grandly in Halls N1-N5 and E6-E7 of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from November 18 - 20, 2024. As an important expo for analysis, biochemical technology, diagnostics and laboratory technology in Asia, analytica China 2024 will continue to help enterprises in the laboratory industry smoothly realize transformation and upgrading, set sail and start a new journey together, and actively build a lighthouse-level commercial trade platform for the laboratory industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

By the end of April 2024300+ new exhibitors had signed up,nearly 1,000+ enterprises had participated in the exhibition.

This figure again highlighted the charismatic brand and effectiveness of analytica China. With the growing influence of the exhibition, more and more new exhibitors at home and abroad have come to witness and participate in this grand event of the laboratory industry.

The industry takes on a new look as new exhibitors crop up

①Driven by the two strategies of "equipment renewal" and "new quality productive forces", the laboratory industry exhibits vibrant vitality

China's 2024 Government Work Report explicitly points out the strategic orientation of "accelerating the development of new quality productive forces"; plus the active response to the national call for "equipment renewal", exhibitors have sprung up, accelerating growth, unleashing potential, and contributing to a new round of high-quality development of new industrialization in the laboratory industry. Together with its peers in the laboratory industry, analytica China goes all out to create exclusive services of "supply-demand matching", aiming to break down information barriers, realize seamless connection between supply and demand sides, and provide accurate matching for "equipment renewal" in the laboratory industry.

②Strong supporter and preferred exhibition platform for the localization strategy of international exhibitors

The "localization" strategy is key for international exhibitors to further develop the Chinese market. analytica China aids international exhibitors in better adapting to the local environment, culture, and consumer demands, thus enabling them to further penetrate the Chinese market. It provides an optimal platform for international exhibitors to showcase their innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and solutions in China. analytica China is not just a "golden key" to unlocking the Chinese market but also a solid supporter for international brands to realize localized transformation and upgrading in the Chinese market.

③German exhibitors participate in the exhibition, demonstrating its powerful international influence and strength

As its international influence further expands, analytica China has attracted groups of exhibitors from all over the world. German exhibitors will make a significant appearance at analytica China 2024, bringing together innovative exhibits and cutting-edge technology. They will reveal new directions and trends in the industry from multiple perspectives, presenting a visual feast of industrial development to the global audience. This fully demonstrates analytica China's powerful strength and influence on the international stage.

[Eight Themes]

● Laboratory Design, Construction and Management

● Laboratory Safety

● Sample Treatment & General Laboratory Equipment

● Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Diagnosis

● Laboratory Automation and Digitalization

● Analysis and Quality Control

● Core Components of Laboratory Equipment

● China Force Core Area

[Two Special Topics]

● Clinical Lab

● Biotechnology and R&D Service

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Improving Laboratory Construction and Management, Building a Sustainable Laboratory Ecosystem

As an important part of analytica China, a grand event for the laboratory industry in the Asia-Pacific region, labtech China Congress 2024 will make further efforts on the Laboratory Design, Construction and Management Exhibition Area, the Laboratory Safety Exhibition Area, a high-quality laboratory conference forum, and a multi-theme live simulation laboratory Live Lab, which will be presented in Hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre. From laboratory planning and construction to management, operation and maintenance, safety, intelligence and advanced technology and operation of scientific research instruments, the event will further explore the user's scientific research ecosystem and the full life cycle of laboratories.


The event will focus on three new hot topics, namely "boosting resilience", "reducing carbon" and "advancing digitalization while ensuring quality". It will invite renowned experts and enterprise representatives at home and abroad to explore how to "boost resilience" of scientific research laboratories, track the "carbon" footprint of sustainable laboratories at home and abroad, and develop new quality productive forces for the digital transformation of smart laboratories. The N1 Exhibition Hall, where the event will be held, will bring together innovative technologies and products in laboratory design, construction and management and laboratory safety, accelerate the optimization of EHS management standards and systems in the field of laboratory construction at home and abroad, promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in laboratory construction, ensure the safety of researchers, and convey the concept of "harmonious development between people and laboratories". This year's Live Lab will continue to build a safe, intelligent and sustainable laboratory, bring together new products and technologies in the industry such as laboratory instruments, equipment and consumables, laboratory furniture and construction, and display instrumentation and equipment, software technology, service solutions and laboratory construction schemes related to laboratory technology and automation. Product and technology sharing, Workshop series activities and thematic user exchange circles will also be carried out on site to provide users with a more high-quality and efficient exchange platform.

Drive innovation in "synthetic biology" and provide a competitive platform for the one-stop development of biotechnology

To closely follow the national policy orientation of accelerating the industrial construction of "synthetic biology" in the fields of biomedicine, advanced materials, consumer goods, energy and environmental protection, the Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Diagnosis Exhibition Area, as the core exhibition area of analytica China 2024, will focus on innovation and development in the field of synthetic biology and go all out to build a one-stop service exchange platform for life science research, medical care, clinical diagnosis and innovative drug R&D.


The dual engines of intelligence and efficiency as well as a green future open a new chapter for laboratory science and technology

The Laboratory Automation and Digitalization Exhibition Area will further deepen the integration of artificial intelligence and laboratory automation, provide all-round support for the digital development of laboratories, so as to reduce laboratories' costs and enhance their efficiency. It will involve laboratory automation equipment, laboratory automated pipetting workstations, laboratory automated measurement, laboratory data management, laboratory automation software and systems, laboratory image processing automation, laboratory robotic arms and other related technologies and products.


The Exhibition Area of "Core Components of Laboratory Equipment" will assist in the engineering research, application and development of scientific instruments, and the development of reliable, durable, user-friendly and attractive high-end scientific instruments in China and beyond. Optical and laser technology has become a key and indispensable support for the core components of laboratory equipment. With the integrated application of "new energy and new materials", scientific instruments have become more durable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Guided by the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goals, active efforts will be made to promote the environment-friendly and sustainable development of laboratories and inject impetus into the green development of scientific research.

Create a comprehensive and integrated marketing model to accelerate digitization

analytica China is more than a precise and professional business platform. It also helps enterprises and users spread the voice of the industry. analytica China 2024 will provide a comprehensive and integrated marketing model. New corporate products and technologies can be presented not only on-site during the exhibition but also through various popular online promotion channels such as online exhibition halls, official websites, WeChat, email, SMS, and live-streaming platforms. This multi-dimensional integrated marketing approach will further enhance the combined exhibition effects of the main venue, sub-venues, and cloud venues as well as online and offline channels, and promote platform and resource sharing.

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