Shanghai Titan Scientific Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Titan Scientific Co., Ltd.

China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) | 8.2D223

Life Science, Diagnostics and Biotechnology

Analytical instruments and technologies | Laboratory apparatus | Laboratory automation and informatics | Laboratory Furniture, Planning and Constructio | Life science and dignostics | Reagents, chemicals | Consumables | Services and others

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Company Profile

Shanghai Titan Scientific Co., Ltd. (SSE stock code: 688133), founded in 2007, engages in providing one-stop lab products and services for scientific researchers and QA engineers. We are committed to be the reformer of scientific services, make greater contributions to the national strategy, ensure the security of national scientific research supplies, and empower our clients to achieve innovation and upgradation. Titan has become the pioneer in domestic scientific service industry. We have announced an IPO on Sci-Tech Innovation Board at Shanghai Stock Exchange (aka SSE Star Market) in October 2020. Titan achieved an operating revenue of RMB2.608 billion in 2022, achieved a year-on-year growth of 20.50%. Our mission is to "Share the innovation, explore the future", and we are dedicated to become the chief provider of scientific services in China.
Titan has developed several self-owned brands, including Adamas-beta® (high-end reagents), Adamas-life® (life science reagents), General-Reagent® (general reagents), Titan Scientific® (instrument and consumables), Titan Scientific Lab® (lab building), Titan SRM® (e-science) and Tichem® (special chemicals), TEDIA® (high purity solvents).

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