Qingdao Zhongke Hanway Lab Equipment Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Zhongke Hanway Lab Equipment Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) | 1.2B209

Laboratory Design, Construction and Safety

Laboratory apparatus | Laboratory Furniture, Planning and Constructio | Laboratory furniture and related products

Biotechnology Pharmaceutical | Chemistry and Chemical Industry | Gene Sequencing | Life Science | Education, Scientific & Research Institute | Medical and Clinical Diagnostics | Electronics and Semiconductors | Environmental analysis | Inspection and Quarantine | Material Analysis

Company Profile

Qingdao Zhongke Hanwei Laboratory Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a production company integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and installation services. It focuses on medical and laboratory equipment production and manufacturing, and provides customers with one-stop services for medical and laboratory equipment product design, research and development, manufacturing and installation.

The company has a professional R&D and technical production team of more than 200 people, and has introduced many high-end processing and production equipment such as the top CNC laser cutting processing center, CNC punching and shearing production line, CNC laser cutting production line, CNC bending flexible processing center, robot welding center, and the automatic epoxy resin spraying assembly line of the top brand in the coating industry, Jinma, Switzerland. The annual production capacity of 150000 laboratory cabinets and more than 20000 fume hoods has been realized, and the one-stop service from production, sales, distribution to installation has been realized.

The company is dominated by medical and laboratory equipment, adhering to the concept of "sales generation, R&D generation, and conception generation", absorbing and introducing foreign advanced product technologies, adhering to independent research and development, and continuous innovation. It has a complete product line of more than 60 products in five major series. The company has passed high-tech enterprises, provincial and municipal specialized and special new enterprises, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health management system certification, EU CE certification, etc. The company's products have obtained a number of national testing certification and invention patents at home and abroad.

The company takes "becoming the industry benchmark and leading the technology trend" as its development vision, "promoting the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the medical and laboratory industries, and benefiting the society to enjoy scientific research achievements" as its corporate mission, and "quality first, team cooperation, consistent words and deeds, courage to take on responsibilities, accuracy, practicality, and continuous innovation" as its corporate values. Adhere to sustainable development, attract people from all over the world, and strive to build the first brand of medical and laboratory equipment products and help the healthy development of the medical and laboratory equipment industry!

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