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Company Profile

Wilsonart international, a world leading manufacturer of High-pressure laminate and other engineered surfaces, was founded in 1956 in Temple, Texas, USA. Ever since 1996, Wilsonart successfully expanded into Asia pacific region, and established Wilsonart (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
As a global group, the company operates under the 8 prestigious brands of Wilsonart®, Resopal®, Polyrey®, Arborite®, Lamin-Art®, Bushboard®, Ralph Wilson® and Durcon®, with production bases located in US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Thailand, and operating across a worldwide sales network. Since the beginning, Wilsonart always devotes to advanced technology and innovative products development. Today, we have achieved success through a combination of outstanding service, high-quality products, have been a leading brand among world’s engineered surfaces.

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