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Wuhan Kebei Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Wuhan Kebei Technology Co. , Ltd. , abbreviated as "Kebei technology" , Stock Code "838775" , is the new third board listed enterprises, is the national high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2003, Kebei specializes in modern science laboratory planning and design, scientific and technological research and development, equipment manufacturing, system integration, technical services, environmental construction, is The laboratory integrated system technical services integrator and the overall program of the service provider. The company is the laboratory comprehensive system construction science and Technology Service Enterprise. The headquarter of the company is located in Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zones (national level) , the production park covers 60 mu, Gross leasable area 31,000 square meters, registered capital 60,964.3 million yuan. PASSED: ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification and GB/T28001 occupational health and Safety Management System Certification. The company has the construction qualification and the design qualification: "The electronic and the intelligence engineering specialized contract one class" , "the electromechanical equipment installment engineering specialized contract one class" , "the construction decoration engineering specialized contract one class" , "the fire fighting facility engineering specialized contract two class" , "the clean room engineering specialized contract two class" , "the construction construction construction general contract three class" , "the mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contract three class" , "the environmental protection engineering specialized contract three class" , "the municipal public works construction general contract one class" , "the safety production license three and so on construction qualification; "architectural decoration project design special grade B qualification" . SCOPE OF BUSINESS: Laboratory Overall Planning and design; Laboratory Systems Engineering Construction and services; electrical and Mechanical Equipment Installation General Contract; decoration EPCM; construction EPCM; Municipal Public Works Construction General Contract; Environmental Protection Equipment R & D, Manufacturing and sales; environmental protection engineering, fire protection facilities engineering and Steel Structure Engineering Professional Contracting; Research and development, manufacture, installation, sales and service of laboratory ventilation system, laboratory waste gas and liquid treatment system, air conditioning and air purification system, constant temperature and humidity room system, laboratory intelligent integrated management system, building automation system and other Related Equipment and system software; Manufacture, installation and sale of laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture, educational equipment, office furniture and school furniture, laboratory equipment, reagents (excluding hazardous chemicals) , class I, II and III medical equipment, etc. Research, development, manufacture and sale of mechatronics engineering products and laser equipment; import and export of goods (except those prohibited by the state or involving administrative approval) . The company has a research and development center, has gathered a group of high-level technical personnel, specialized in the laboratory system equipment hardware and software technology research and development. After years of hard work, Kebei has won 4 national invention patents, 14 utility model patents, and 4 computer software copyrights. The self-developed VAV variable air volume sectional Ventilation Control System has obtained the National Invention Patent, which greatly reduces the energy consumption and environmental noise, efficiently removes the indoor exhaust gas, and realizes the surface wind speed stability, to achieve "efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, stability, " the effect of this technology in the domestic leading level. The company takes the lead in introducing the Internet technology into the field of laboratory intelligent management, independently developed "Kilab Intelligent Science Laboratory Integrated Platform" , the national invention patent. The company was involved in the construction of China's first state-level Biosafety Laboratory (P4) . The enclosure structure of P4 laboratory adopts the innovative design and Construction Technology of the company, which has been highly recognized by the authority of domestic biosecurity field and French experts. Cobe independently developed "high-level protection laboratory enclosure structure" has been accepted by the national invention patent. The company is AAA credit enterprises, is a tax credit enterprises, is the provincial "keep the contract, credit enterprises" and provincial "quality, keep the integrity of the enterprise. "Kebei" trademark, is recognized as the famous trademark of Hubei Province. The company has been awarded the "advanced unit" honorary certificate by China Education Equipment Industry Association for many years. Wuhan Kebei will always uphold the "high quality, integrity, innovation, enterprising" spirit, for customers to build a first-class environmental science laboratory and sophisticated laser equipment and unremitting efforts. Telephone: 027-87163756 fax: 027-87163753 Company website: http://www.kbkj.com

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