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Since its establishment in 1973, LOOPED LOGIC brand has always focused on the overall solutions for the safety management of various laboratories and hazardous chemicals, and is committed to providing users with products that are trustworthy and meet international standards. LOOPED LOGIC has provided more than one million compliant products to more than 20,000 famous universities, top enterprises, scientific research and government agencies around the world, and has been certified and affirmed by many authoritative organizations.

Based on the concept of "innovative service, intelligent safety", LOOPED LOGIC integrates the excellent resources of the industry, continuously upgrades the industrial standards of the factory, perfectly integrates mature technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence into traditional hardware products, and independently develops an intelligent management and control system for the whole life cycle of hazardous chemicals. On the premise of following the laws, regulations and industry standards of various countries, LOOPED LOGIC provides comprehensive and deeply customized safety intelligent management and control schemes and products according to the actual needs of users and managers of laboratories and hazardous chemicals, so as to create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working environment.

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