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Get an overview of prices for raw space at analytica China 2024.

Indoor Raw space

Full Price

9–53 sqm*

RMB 2,370 / sqm

54–107 sqm RMB 2,133 / sqm
≥ 108 sqm RMB 2,015 / sqm

* Shell scheme packages are mandatory for stands smaller than 18 square meters in size.


The above price includes 6% value added tax. If the tax authority adjusts the tax type or tax rate before MM-SH s issuing the invoice, MM-SH reserves the right to calculate the tax amount and issue the corresponding invoice according to the new tax type and tax rate from the date when the tax department adjusts the tax type or tax rate.



Co-exhibitors must be named on the application form for co-exhibitors. The registration fee is RMB 1,600 for each co-exhibitor admitted.

An attractive alternative to your individual application could be attending the show in an international pavilion .