Exhibitor statements 2020

Yijun Bao, General Manager (China), Avanto VWR International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 "Starting from 2012, we are participating in analytica China for the fifth time this year. We have high expectations every time and we always launch our new products through this platform. Avanto was established in 1904. We have a very wide product and customer range. analytica China also has a lot of international visitors and is highly professional. It is a great platform for us to promote our products. We want to take advantage of the influence of the analytica brand to reach customers from a more diversified background. Affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, it is very difficult to hold large-scale exhibitions, but I can see there are still many excellent brands at the show. I am very happy about the gathering of so many high-quality companies, and I am also very happy that the show can attract so many visitors. It is very lucky that we have chosen analytica China and have displayed our products at this exhibition. We congratulate the exhibition for its constant progress and wish it a complete success. Finally, I want to use our slogan as our description of the exhibition: We set science in motion to create a better world."


Cheng Chang, General Manager of Laboratory Business Department, METTLER TOLEDO

 "This is the 7th time METTLER TOLEDO participated in analytica China, so we are old friends. The analytica China show is a high-quality exhibition highly recognized by us and the industry. We can make in-depth discussion with our peers here, our customers can see and touch our product. The exhibition is an important platform for us to launch new products. The exhibition this year is beyond my expectation. It is operated very professionally, and everything is highly organized. We hope the exhibition will provide a convenient platform for manufacturers and customers in the post-Covid-19 period."


Watanabe Yuhiro, Head of Planning Office, Hitachi High-Tech Group Corporation (China Business) H2T2

 "Since 2010, I have participated in analytica China for six times. The show is the largest international expo of analysis and biochemical technology in Asia, and a platform for a comprehensive display of new technologies, products and solutions from outstanding companies. The seminars and forums held along with the exhibition also provide very good opportunities for us to communicate with our customers and peers. The Covid-19 epidemic has changed people's lives. It is not easy to hold such a large exhibition in this special time. All the epidemic prevention measures are very effective, which guarantees the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors, leaving us a very deep impression. We hope that more high-quality and cross-disciplinary exhibitions will be held in the future to create more exchange opportunities between exhibitors and customers."


Liang Gu, Vice President, Shanghai Titan Technology Co., Ltd.

 "This is our fifth participation in the show. At analytica China, we can not only promote our company image, but also bring our new products and solutions to the market and to our users in person. At the show, we find there are more manufacturers and the booths are getting bigger and bigger. More Chinese companies are beginning to realize that exhibition is very important. We have also seen many new products. In the future, we will come up with more advanced products for scientific research users. I wish that analytica China a better future. I hope it will provide a better exhibition and communication venue for Chinese and foreign manufacturers and scientific researchers, and also bring more new concepts and technologies to scientific research users, and promote the development of scientific research."


Haifeng Hou, President, Shanghai Hanguang Industry Co., Ltd.

"This is our tenth participation in analytica China. Especially when the Covid-19 epidemic is sweeping the world, The exhibits and techonology this year are more advanced than the previous years, and I think overall they are on a higher calibre. I sincerely thank analytica China for such a great platform for the laboratory builders and R&D personnel. I believe that the show will become better and stronger!"


Jiaxiang Hu, Director of Analysis and Measurement Marketing Department, SHIMADZU (CHINA) CO., LTD.

 "This is the sixth time for SHIMADZU to participate in analytica China. Our most important goal is to have a closer and direct contact with the professional customers through this platform. I was very impressed today. I am participating for the fourth time. This year, against the background of the Covid-19 epidemic, the exhibition is well organized and operated. We have also met many professional visitors. The forums and lectures are also going on in an orderly manner. Today is the first day of the 19th anniversary of analytica China. We are very fortunate to be here. We hope and are willing to grow together with the exhibition in the future, and hope to witness its next 19th anniversary and more!"


Dong Ji, Deputy General Manager, Shandong Vanboss Laboratory Engineering Co., Ltd.

 "This is the second time Vanboss participated in analytica China. I have learned about the exhibition before, it is very influential in the laboratory industry in China. I gained a lot when participated in the exhibition in 2018, so we think highly of this exhibition. This year it is larger than previous years, and there are more visitors from the laboratory industry. Thanks to the organizer for the interview and for the opportunity to promote our brands. I wish analytica China would become bigger and better, and we will grow together with the exhibition."


Hui Jin, Marketing Director, Jinan Haineng Instrument Co., Ltd.

"This is our sixth participation in analytica China. We have been preparing for the exhibition as the most important event we take part in every two years, because it is very large, and we can communicate with more customers. Also, we can collect information about specific needs and problems from the customers. This is our most important reward at this exhibition. Although held during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of visitors has not decreased. What impressed me most is that the layout is very clear, so that the visitors can easily find the exhibitors they want to visit. I wish the exhibition better with every future edition!"


Guang Li, Manager (East China) of Shanghai Office, Jena Analytical Instruments AG, Germany

 "We have participated in every edition of analytica China since its first edition, and this year is the 10th edition we have joined in. This time we hope to take advantage of the huge influence of the show to do more marketing and communication. We hope that through this platform, we can be exposed to more customers and they can get to know about our new products and new technologies, so as to better serve our clients. After working with analytica China for ten editions, I hope Jena will be able to deliver more new technologies and new concepts to our customers in the future. We also hope to grow together with the exhibition. I wish analytica China will be better and stronger in the future."


Weican Li, Director of Commercial Division, Miele Electric Co., Ltd.

 "analytica China has always been a focus of Miele, and we have participated in the past three years. The exhibition is highly accredited by our users and the market. For Miele, we have more opportunities to reach more users and partners at the show. At the same time, it offers good promotion for our brand. It is a great platform for the release of new products, the demonstration of new technologies, and our interaction with users. Against the special environment this year, the visitors are even more enthusiastic than expected, and they are very active. The visitor flow is considerable. It shows that the exhibition has attracted strong attention of the industry. We hope that in the next few days there will be more visitors and more interaction. We hope that analytica China will be able to innovate and become even better in the future."


Liang Lin, General Manager, ESCO MICRO PTE LTD (China Region)

 "We established a branch in China in 2007 and have participated in the exhibition every year since 2008. analytica China is a very professional show of the laboratories, instruments, and life sciences industries. The main purpose of our exhibition is to showcase our brand image. The show is a grand event for the entire laboratory world. Distributors and customers from all over China are here. We chose to participate in the exhibition for two reasons: brand promotion and market development. No doubt the exhibition is very professional, the overall quality is very good and the visitors are very professional. I hope it will become an annual event in the future."


Yifan Lin, Vice President (China), Waldner (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

 "Since Waldner entered China in 2013, we have participated in all the analytica China shows, and also in every edition of its global network. analytica China is very authoritative and influential in the industry. Many high-quality customers will participate in the exhibition, and it is very important to Waldner, which is why we choose to participate in this exhibition every two years. Regarding the labtech China Congress, we participated in its first edition last year and we thought it was quite successful. Though held as the Covid-19 epidemic is going on, judging from what we see, it has not been affected. It shows that labtech China has established its strong influence in the industry. In terms of the exhibition, this year it is still very popular, and I am quite surprised. I hope that analytica China will continue to lead us forward, and do better in the future."


Tiantian Liu, After-sales Service Marketing Manager (Greater China), Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd.

 "The cooperation between Agilent and analytica China has lasted for 19 years since 2002, and next year will mark the 20th anniversary of our cooperation. It has not been easy for us to come this year. At the beginning of the year, the Covid-19 epidemic changed the entire world. Now all mankind is looking for a way to beat the epidemic. The analysis and biochemical industry is on the front line, providing a lot of technology for the battle. Though the epidemic is still going on, the exhibition is successfully held in Shanghai. Judging from the number of exhibitors and visitors, we think it is not very different from previous editions, so we know that the organizers have made a lot of efforts in this regard. Agilent has always been committed to serving mankind and contributing to the improvement of the living quality, which coincides with the organizer’s goals. We look forward to our continued cooperation, and with more advanced technical means and better presentation methods in the future, to making more contributions to the better life of mankind."



 "This is our fifth participation in the show. We exhibit at analytica China because it is very helpful to our brand promotion and new product launches, so we have participated in every edition since our establishment. I wish analytica China an even more successful future!"


Qing Ma, Marketing Director, Eppendorf (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd.

 "Eppendorf has participated in analytica China since 2004, so we have worked with the show for more than ten years. It is a very professional platform. From theme selection, demand-supply matchmaking, to visitor invitation, it is clear that there is a professional team behind all these. The online show offers more opportunities for making contact with customers and the market. I remember that there were 4 halls in the last exhibition in 2018. This year it has expanded to more than 6 halls. I see many new faces. There are not only foreign brands, but also many Chinese companies joining in. This is very reassuring. It shows that the analytica platform is attracting more and more brands. Moreover, many new media channels are adopted, assuming another highlight of this exhibition. The nineteen years of success is impossible without the hard work of every participant. I believe that in the next twenty years, analytica China will continue to grow and become a leader in the industry!"


Prof. Ruibao Ren, Director, Translational Medicine Committee of Shanghai Bioengineering Society

 "A lot of the technologies exhibited at analytica China 2020 are strongly related to translational medicine, e.g. to display the complex processes of disease development in the form of molecular data through a large number of studies. Therefore, the translational medicine community is also attracted to the show. Many advanced technologies were displayed at the show. For example, technologies such as biochemical testing have become increasingly more accurate, fast and convenient. They are very useful for the research, diagnosis, treatment and future development of translational medicine. I think it is very valuable that analytica China is held as it planned despite the Covid-19 epidemic, because it brings new products and technologies to us."


Yuhua Ren, Marketing Manager, Greater China LSG, Bio-Rad Laboratories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 "analytica China is a very influential exhibition brand in the industry, and we think it is a platform that is great for the exchange between Chinese and foreign peers. The size of the exhibition and the number of participants exceeded my imagination. There are a large number of visitors and the atmosphere at the booths is very active. This shows that the entire industry has high expectations for the life sciences and analytical chemistry industries in the post-Covid-19 era. In addition, it can be seen that the organizers have carefully prepared for the exhibition. In addition to the regular exhibition halls, there are many theme exhibitions and forums. I believe this is also why the visitors are attracted. I hope that the exhibition will get better, and I also hope to have more cooperation with analytica China in the future."


Simon HU, Manager, Kunshan Erlab Tubeless Filtration System Co., Ltd.

 "Since we entered China in 2004, we have been participating in analytica China. Because we participated in the analytica show in Munich, we have already known the show quite well. Our first participation in 2004 showed that analytica China was also very professional, so we have always participated in. Our purpose is simple: to meet our peers, because the exhibition gathers all professional entities in China, from manufacturers to design institutes to scientific research institutes. This year, despite the epidemic, the exhibition is still held as scheduled. I think this is very good. I wish the exhibition a complete success. I also want to challenge it a bit. We know how analytica China grow from only half an exhibition hall at the very beginning to the seven halls now. I wish the next analytica China will use all the exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Centre."


Yue Tang, Application Expert, Shenzhen MGI Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

 "This is our second participation in analytica China. We choose to participate in the exhibition mainly because it provides a great platform and it is influential in the industry. We see there are many exhibitors this year, and they provide different forms of real scenario demonstrations. I believe that such an open atmosphere is especially helpful for us and for all the exhibitors. I think it is held at an appropriate time. it is very important, because at the beginning of the year, everyone was in the battle against the Covid-19 epidemic. After that, we need to talk about our experience or summarize what we have learnt or improve our practices. Then the exhibition provides a good opportunity. When I visited the exhibition, I saw many true cases. With them, we can see what we have not done well, and we can make further efforts. The contributions made by analytica China are obvious to all. In the background of an epidemic going on, I would like to thank the exhibition for providing a communication platform for everyone. I also wish the exhibition a particularly great success this year. I hope that everyone can talk to each other and get more information. I also hope that analytica China will continue to grow."


Biao Wang, Marketing Director, Illumina (Greater China)

 "This is the first time we participated in analytica China. We find the exhibitors are from a wide range of backgrounds, from pharmaceutical factories to laboratories to universities, colleges and hospitals. It is one of the largest biochemical instrument exhibition platform in China. There are many exhibitors, so we think it is particularly suitable for us. From E2 to E7, each exhibition hall focuses on different categories. It is a good opportunity for us to learn from and communicate with other industries. As the Covid-19 epidemic is going on, it is very valuable that we have so many visitors. I hope analytica China will be able to do better and to attract more high-quality customers."


Jing Wang, APAC Marketing Director, PerkinElmer Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 "We have been exhibiting since analytica China first opened in China. It is an international event of analysis and biochemical technology. It addresses the development of the entire industry, and has become the most important international analysis, laboratory and diagnosis event in China and even in Asia. PerkinElmer’s mission is to innovate to create a healthier world, so analytica China provides a very good platform. I was impressed by two things this year: One was the “lab hero” activity held before the show, which pays the highest respect and gratitude to the laboratory staff who are still fighting on the front line during the epidemic; The second is the newly established Clinical Lab area. The laboratory equipment is displayed in the exhibition halls to provide the most cutting-edge information and technology to the vast number of scientific researchers. These are what impressed me most. On the occasion of the tenth edition of the exhibition, we hope that analytica China will continue to innovate and bring more cutting-edge information and technology to the Chinese scientific research community. They will be helpful to the take-off of China’s scientific research. We also wish analytica China new breakthroughs and successes."


Yan Wang, Director, Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Institute

"I am very happy and honored to cooperate with Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. What we have gained most is that we are able to communicate with the others on topics concerning analysis technology, especially biomedical analysis, and to show the latest developments in analysis techniques. I think the exhibition platform is very good for these purposes. Advances in the analytical technology has been fully demonstrated at the exhibition. The experts from different fields, and the authoritative experts in biomedical analysis have shared about the frontier technology and new ideas of the entire biological industry. The show connects our industry peers, and plays a very important role in promoting the industry."


Steve Vermant, Managing Director, Merck Life Sciences China; Vice President, Merck Research Solutions (China)

 "analytica China is a very important show. I have been in China for ten years, and we meet here every two years, so we have a long friendship with the show. At the show, we can not only display our new products, but also learn about related fields, including laboratories and testing instrument. This year, in this special period when the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading worldwide, we are lucky to be able to participate in this show. I am very happy about it. The exhibition is well organized. What impressed me most was the number of exhibitors. The year 2020 is a very challenging year, but there are still many visitors and exhibitors at the show, showing the strong resilience of this industry. There is also innovation. Many Chinese and foreign companies have brought their innovative products, and I have visited many booths to learn more about them. I enjoy this show very much and hope it will be a complete success."


Yifan Xu, Associate Market Development Manager, Greater China, QIAGEN China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 "This is our first participation in analytica China. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic this year, we have responded swiftly and guaranteed 24-hour response to the market. Our German facility also started producing testing kits around the clock to meet the needs of customers, and they are used in all kinds of testing. The exhibition is a very good platform. I have visited other booths during the exhibition. I think this is a very good opportunity for peer exchange. The exhibition has been held for ten sessions in China. I hope that the exhibition will continue to support us in the future and provide more learning and communication opportunities. I look forward to a better and stronger analytica China!"


Weili Yuan, General Manager & Senior Engineer, INESA Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.

 "We have participated in analytica China every year, and each time we have exhibited in the special exhibition area. From the beginning to the present, the exhibition has become bigger and bigger, and the exhibition space is also expanding year by year. The number of visitors and the customer experience were both great. Our annual profit has also increased. We will continue to participate in the exhibition, as always, and our booth will be even bigger. analytica China is a very influential exhibition in China and is highly recognized by the industry, so we also attach great importance to it. In fact, we have also participated in other analytical instrument exhibitions abroad in recent years, but I think analytica China is bigger and more comprehensive in terms of its exhibit range. I wish analytica China will be even better and bigger in the future. I hope there will be more visitors, and the entire Chinese analytical industry will grow stronger."


Zhanzhu Zhai, General Manager, Wuhan Kebei Technology Co., Ltd.

 "This is our second participation in analytica China. This time, we have brought our latest prototype laboratory room to the exhibition hall. This year the theme is “laboratory safety”, and I think it fits well with the current background as Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control is our priority. I also think topics such as laboratory construction and biosafety are important. Finally, I sincerely wish analytica China more successes."


Guangyu Zhao, Deputy General Manager, ALPHAVITA BIO-SCIENTIFIC (DALIAN) CO.,LTD.

 "We chose analytica China because it is a professional platform for the analysis and biochemical industry. Its visitors are very professional and there are concentrated information resources. Though affected by the Covid-19 epidemic to some extent, the exhibitors are still enthusiastic. The number of end customers, especially those from the medical industry, is still good. Thanks for creating such a professional platform, and we will continue to participate as always."


Qinglin Zheng, Marketing Director, Beijing Persee General Instrument Co., Ltd.

 "This is the first time we exhibit at analytica China. Located in Shanghai, the show attracts many customers in East China. Judging from the comments of past visitors, our agents and colleagues from overseas, we thought it’s a good idea to participate this year. The year 2020 is special, and it is our first participation. My most prominent feeling is that the show fully covers the upstream and downstream of the biochemical analysis and testing industry chain, and a very wide range of exhibitors are included. Secondly, the show covers a wide range of industry fields and products, and there are different type of customers. We wish the show higher quality in the future, and we hope there will be more equipment and service providers at the show to bring more new instrument and equipment to the customers and users."


Comments from professional visitors

Li Minghao, Quality Management Center, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Petrochemical organized a visiting group of more than 20 professionals in inspection & analysis and on-line instrumentation to analytica China. We learned about the current development of analytical instruments at home and abroad, and sketched a forward-looking blueprint for our future development in inspection and analysis. We hope that the organizer can invite more companies to such a great technical platform. We also call on other Chinese companies to participate in this widely-accredited show, so that we can strengthen our cooperation, and share our developments. I also wish analytica China will be better and better!


Yang Yang, Director of Young Scientists Workshop, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

analytica China is a highly professional platform for scientific research. I am very pleased to see that more and more Chinese companies are participating in the exhibition and have brought their innovative technologies and products to the show as a representation of China's scientific research and production. I hope that analytica China will become even better, and the scientific research in China will become stronger.