I have a long history with analytica China, because I have participated in analytica and analytica Vietnam before, and the results were both very good. When I participated in analytica China for the first time, I found that there were a lot of international exhibitors in the halls, and many exhibitors had made it a tradition to participate in analytica China every two years.


Xiaoyin Dong,CPBU global commercial head,GenScript Biotech Corporation

My impression of analytica China is this: the exhibition space is larger and the booths are well-constructed and decorated. Many Chinese exhibitors are exhibiting in bigger booths, and the instruments displayed are also innovative. I hope that more high-quality Chinese companies will be seen in overseas markets in the future. I also hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate with others and create more products "Made in China".


Jiaxiang Hu,General Manager of Marketing Department Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division ,SHIMADZU(CHINA)CO.,LTD.

We have been participating in analytica China since 2010, and this is the seventh time. What impressed me the most about the show is that it is very professional. The whole organization plan is well thought and effectively implemented. It has done a great work in either the preparation before opening, the feedback after the show, or in the customer research. This is the first time the exhibition is held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center, and I can see that the hall is larger and we are more at ease with the increased space. I expect that, with its good organizational work, the next exhibition will make greater breakthroughs in professional forums and the overall exhibition planning.


Candy Tang, Product Manager, NIKYANG Enterprise Ltd.

This is our second participation in analytica China. This year, the exhibition has moved to the National Convention and Exhibition Center, and the first impression it gives me is the giant size. The organizer has been very thoughtful and arranged shuttle bus services, so we can quickly find the entrance. This year, all the exhibitors are very active and have invested a lot into the show. They have brought all the cutting-edge products and technologies, which benefited me a lot. Two or three hours after the opening of the exhibition, our booth has welcomed several groups of visitors, including not only agents and QC professionals, but also representatives and researchers from universities. The exhibition offers us a lot of industry information and we are really looking forward to their future applications.


Chao Wei, Research Fellow,Chemical Metrology and Analysis Science Division National Insititute of Metrology

 My main purpose of attending analytica China is to see the cutting-edge and mainstream analytical instruments and equipment. The exhibition is very impressive with over 1,200 exhibitors and an upgraded exhibit profile and display measures. It represents the technological innovation of China. As for analytica China 2024, I expect to see more exhibitors, both from China and abroad.


James Wang, APAC Marketing Director, PerkinElmer Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 It is the tenth time we participated in the exhibition. analytica China has many advantages: firstly,it is very influential; Secondly, it has a long history and a long-standing position in the industry; Thirdly, it has a large number of professional customers. What impresses me the most this year is the co-location of analytica China, electronica China and LASER World of PHOTONICA CHINA. Through them, we can get to know new application fields, which greatly reduces our cost in communication.


Jialin Yang,Marketing Director,Analytik-jena GmbH

We are loyal customer of analytica China and have participated in almost every edition. The atmosphere this year is great. There are a lot of visitors, and the exhibition is very big. Moving from the Shanghai New International Expo Center to the National Convention and Exhibition Center, analytica China has been fully upgraded in both hardware and software. Its services have been improved in all aspects, and we can better display our new technology, products and equipment.


Max Yin, International Commercial Director, Tofflon Life Science Co., Ltd.

We are participating in analytica China for the first time in the hope of reaching more customers in the biochemical market, both industrial and scientific. What impresses me the most about the exhibition is the large number of international customers. With so much international exchanges happening in the halls, the activity in the global supply chain will certainly increase. So I think this exhibition is a good start.


Xiaofeng Yu, Deputy General Manager, Hangzhou EXPEC Technology Co., Ltd.

 In the analysis and testing industry in China, analytica China is a very big exhibition with a lot of high-quality professional visitors. It is the first large-scale exhibition we participate in after the epidemic, and we have rarely seen so many exhibitors and visitors in the past three years. We hope that through this exhibition, we can promote our new products to the customers, so that we can each make our own contribution to the development of the analytical instrument industry.


Ada Yang,Marketing Manager, mLH & Consumables,Eppendorf China

analytica China is an important event in the industry. Through the exhibition, we can better present our new technologies, new products and new ideas to the customers. We can also meet experts and customers from other industries, and have in-depth exchanges with our peers, so I think analytica China is a very good place for industry exchanges.


Vivian Zou, Head of Commercial Marketing, Science and Lab Solutions China,Merck Chemicals(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.

This year we are attending analytica China for the 11th time, so we are old friends. In recent years, the exhibition has made outstanding growth in terms of its size, the number of participants and exhibition themes. This year, the show again overwhelmed me. We can see that the market is very active and flourishing. In addition to traditional and well-known brands, I also see many emerging Chinese brands, who have brought a lot of exhibits.  Clearly, the industry is thriving, and the atmosphere in the halls is very lively. We are satisfied with the visitor quality and quantity this year. After the three years affected by the epidemic, we finally have the opportunity to participate in such a large-scale exhibition, so the customers are eager to join in. This year we have a lot of end customers visiting our booth and hope to further cooperate with us.


JunHe, Director of Quality Management Department,YANGTZE RIVER PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP

This is the first time I participate in analytica China. The exhibition is very large. It’s also well designed in the layout, displaying all kinds of instruments, manufacturers and products. So it is convenient for the exhibitors to communicate and learn from the other participants. The Laboratory Automation and Digitalization Area is very innovative, through which I have built a clearer image about the future goals and approaches of the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries. I participated in two forums, and the lectures were very helpful for our laboratory planning and future development!

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