Precision Medicine:From Multi-Omics to Precision Medicine

  • From Multi-Omics to Precision Medicine

    Host: Xu Xiaojing Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation Director of the conversion platform
Time Topic Guest
Time TopicAccurate detection is the foundation of precision medicine Guest

Dr. Xiao Huasheng
Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation Biotechnology Corporation CEO
Chief Scientist

Time TopicSingle-cell sequencing analysis and its application in tumor research Guest

Han Zeguang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Biomedical Research Institute Executive Vice President

Time TopicSingle-Cell RNA-Sequencing Guest

Li Changlin
Zhang Jiang Laboratory Brain and Intelligent Technology Research Institute Associate Researcher

Time TopicRecent progress and deep thoughts of the precise tumor molecular subtyping Guest

Zhang Xuchao
Guangdong People's Hospital Director of Guangdong Lung Cancer Institute

Time TopicTumor-specific DNA methylation detection and its application in liquid biopsy Guest

Yu Wenqiang
Fudan University Biomedical Research Institute Senior PI

Time TopicLunch Time Guest

Time TopicBuilding a Knowledgebase for Precision Medicine Guest

Liu Lei
Fudan University Biomedical Research Institute Senior PI

Time TopicApplication of machine learning in the development of biomarkers Guest

Hou Rui
ShangHai Biotechnology Corporation VP

Time TopicCopy number variation analysis in birth defects Guest

Zhang Feng
Institute of Genetics, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University Professor

Time TopicTea Break Guest

Time TopicOmics technology partner: multi-PCR targeted second-generation sequencing Guest

Xiao Junhua
Institute of Biological Science and Technology, Donghua University Professor

Time TopicProteomics technology under the background of precision Medicine Guest

Zhang Qinghua
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor



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