2020 Shanghai Sino-EU International Forum on Food Safety

Shanghai New International Expo Centre
  • Opening and Plenary Lectures

    Host: Wang Xichang Shanghai Society of Food Science Vice Chairman&Secretary-general
Time Topic Guest
Time TopicRegistration Guest

Time TopicOpening speech Guest

Dr. Martin Lechner
Messe München Executive Director of Business Unit New Technologies

Time TopicOpening Speech+Interpretation of Shanghai food industry development three-year action plan (2018-2020) Guest

Pan Yingjie
Shanghai Society of Food Science Chairman

Time TopicHealth transformation and technology support of China's food industry Guest

Meng Suhe
Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology Chairman

Time Topic2018 Shanghai food innovation and creativity competition awards Guest

Time Topic"Refrigeration Label" Inauguration Ceremony Guest

Time TopicTea Break Guest

Time TopicThe current situation and counterplan of food safety in Shanghai Guest

Gu Zhenhua
Shanghai Food Safety Federation Chairman

Time TopicImproving food safety by obtaining eco-friendly ingredients from food wastes. New green solvents and processes Guest

Elena Ibañez Ezequiel
Foodomics Laboratory ,Bioactivity and Food Analysis Department Professor

  • Session I: Innovation of Food Nutrition and Functional Food under Big Health Industry

    Host: Jiang Peizhen Shanghai Food Safety Federation Secretary-general
Time Topic Guest
Time TopicProbiotics: challenges and opportunities Guest

Guo Xiaokui
Shanghai Jiaotong University Vice President of Basic Medical College

Time TopicWeichuan bifidobacterium HN-345TM helps to improve intestinal sub-health in all people Guest

Xu Zhian
Central Research Institute of Weichuan Group Senior Manager of Basic Research Center

Time TopicInterpretation of national nutrition program (2017-2030)—— Nutrition and special dietary food standards Guest

Deng Taotao
China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment Assistant Researcher of National Nutrition Action Center

Time TopicTea Break Guest

Time TopicApplication of innovative dairy research and development in the field of improving sub-health status Guest

Sun Jian
China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited. General Manager of Cryogenic Product R&D Center of Cryogenic Division

Time TopicSafety and health go hand in hand, accomplishing Lee Kum Kee 130 years resplendence Guest

Ouyang Chunlin
Lee Kum Kee (Xinhui) Food Co., Ltd. Deputy Manager of the Department of Regulation

Time TopicEat and exercise balance:live a healthy life Guest

Lu Dajiang
Shanghai University of Sport Professor of Movement Science College

  • Session II: Sino-EU New Development in Food Safety Detection and Control Technology(一)

    Host: Zhou Xiaoli Shanghai Society of Food Scienc Vice Secretary-general
Time Topic Guest
Time TopicSafety and risk control of import and export food Guest

He Yuping
Food Inspection Center,Shanghai Customs District Director

Time TopicThe effective operation of the food laboratory Guest

Wang Haijian
Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager

Time TopicLean production for food lab managing Guest

Daisy Dai
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. AF Lab Manager, China

Time TopicTea Break Guest

Time TopicResearching on germicidal preservation of acidic electrolytic water Guest

Zhao Yong
Shanghai Ocean University College of Food Sciences&Technology Vice President

Time TopicOptimization of testing methods for special foods Guest

Zhou Zelin
Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research Deputy Director of Food and Cosmetic Quality Inspection Institute,Professor-level Senior Engineer

Time TopicEvaluation of mineral oil risk in food – Experience of determination of MOSH/MOAH using online LCGC method in European labs Guest

Zhang Hong
Esensing Analytical Technology Co., Ltd Product Manager

  • Session III:Food Production and Marketing Hygiene Safety and System Standards

    Host: Du Zhongyong Shanghai Society of Food Science Vice Secretary-general
Time Topic Guest
Time TopicRisk control in food production Guest

Chao Guoqiang
Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration Director of Food Production Supervision

Time TopicRisk of supply chain management in new global economic pattern Guest

Zhang Xiqi
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd Director of Strategic Development in China

Time TopicMicrobiological control scheme in food factory Guest

Zhang Xin
Ecolab (China) Investment Co.,Ltd Senior Food Safety Expert

Time TopicTea Break Guest

Time TopicPractice of 《food safety operation standard for catering service》 Guest

Zhang Lei
Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director of Food and Beverage Supervision

Time TopicHow to ensure food safety in experiential factories? Guest

Yang Qi
Starbucks (China) Company Limited Director of R&D and Quality Assurance

  • Session IV: Sino-EU New Development in Food Safety Detection and Control Technology(二)

Time Topic Guest
Time TopicContamination, assessment and control of pathogenic microorganism in food Guest

Liu Hong
Shanghai Municipal Center For Disease Control&Prevention Responsible Person, Chief Physician of Food Safety Department

Time TopicHighly efficient automated solutions for determination of pesticide residues and PAHs in foods as well as contaminant migration from food packaging Guest

Yunyun Nie
GERSTEL GmbH & Co. KG Product manger

Time TopicThe qualitative and quantitative detection of taphylococcal Enterotoxin A in food Guest

Yan Weiling
Shanghai Food Research Institute Chief Engineer

Time TopicTea Break Guest

Time TopicStudy on food allergen detection based on mass spectrometry Guest

Deng Xiaojun
Food Center,Shanghai Customs District Director of Physical and Chemical Laboratory

Time TopicFast pesticide/veterinary drug extraction new technology sharing Guest

Lin YuChia
Polytech Instrument Ltd Product manger



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