Tutorial VII:Unbelieve powerful, Remarkably small——Agilent New MS Technology and Application Era

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  • Innovation with Purpose: New Value Option on Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LCMS System and Application Using MassHunter Productivity App

  • Dan-Hui D. Yang

    Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd | LCMS Application and Solution Program Manager, MDS

    Graduated from Peking University with B.Sc. majoring organic chemistry. Obtained Ph. D from Free University of Brussels with highest honor. Conducted Postdoctoral research at Bern University (Switzerland). Has been with Agilent for >18 years, during which became an expert on pesticides, veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, environmental contaminants analysis and associated solution products developments (databases and spectral libraries) for all LCMS platforms including triple Qaud, QTOF and single Quad. Has had profound understanding of life science applications by leading a team of experts on metabolomic, proteomic, biopharmaceutical analysis.

    Innovation with Purpose: New Value Option on Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LCMS System and Application Using MassHunter Productivity App

    Ultivo Triple Quadrupole is designed to address many challenges faced by our customers. Innovative technologies within Ultivo not only reduce its overall footprint, but also conserve the performance. VacShield, Cyclone Ion Guide, Vortex Collision Cell and the Hyperbolic Quads enhance instrument serviceability and reliability, which promote greater uptime. SWARM tune provides the fastest tuning in industry. We are introducing a new ESI Source option for Ultivo based on customers’ request. The applications will be demonstrated with the detections of veterinary drugs in food matrices and melatonin in human plasma and milk.
    For a routine testing lab, data analysis and review can be time consuming. A new software package – MassHunter Productivity App is designed to facilitated quick data analysis. Its functionalities will be briefly introduced.

  • Meng Ge

    Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd | GC/MS application engineer

    Dr. Meng Ge, GC/MS application chemist in Agilent China Solution Center, works on solution development and has deep insight in background, opportunity and challenge in food safety area. Meng took part in the completion of Multi-pesticides Analyzer for vegetal food (following GB 23200.113-2018), and has rich experience in pesticides and persistent organic pollutants analysis. Ph.D of Environmental Health in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Postdoc research fellow in National Environmental Research Institute of Singapore (Challenge of Emerging Contaminants on Environmental Sustainability in Megacities).

    LC/MS/MS & GC/MS/MS total solution for GB 2763 pesticides analysis - Excellent tool for pesticides monitoring & supervision

    Agilent LC/MS/MS & GC/MS/MS total solution helps detect pesticides regulated by the GB 2763-2016 <National food safety standard -- Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food> with higher efficiency and reliability. Through one pretreatment, the sample is injected into LC/MS/MS & GC/MS/MS respectively for qualitative and quantitative analysis of over four hundred pesticides. The high-throughput method follows the maximum residual limitations (MRLs) under GB 2763-2016 closely. With this solution, the food safety labs can enhance forewarning and supervisory capability hugely with lowest cost.

  • Manyu Zhang

    Agilent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd | LC/MS application engineer

    Manyu Zhang, Agilent senior LC/MS application engineer. Graduated from Wuhan University with B.Sc. majoring applied chemistry. Obtained master’s degree from Dalian Institute of Chemical and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Joined Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a research assistant in 2011 and then worked at Agilent from 2012. Has rich experiences in characterization of biopharmaceutical drugs, including antibody, antibody drug conjugates, fusion protein and oligonucleotides.

    Charge variants analysis and preclinical PK research using capillary electrophoresis coupled with mass spectrometry

    Charge variants is a critical quality attribute of antibody as it is important for the stability of the drug. The charge variants can be separated by capillary electrophoresis CiEF due to different isoelectric points. By coupling with MS, the molecular weight of the main peak, basic peak and acid peak can be detected. Meanwhile, CE-MS can be used in the preclinical PK analysis of drug.



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