Lunch Seminar II: Recent Developments in Automated Micro-Extraction Techniques for Volatile and Non-Volatile Trace Contaminants

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Conference Room E1-M12
  • Hans-Joachim Huebschman, Ph.D.

    CTC Analytics AG | Vice President Sales

    Hans-Joachim Hübschmann graduated as Certified Food Chemist from the Technical University and the State Institute for Food, Pharma and Environmental Analysis in Berlin, Germany, working on residue analysis of anabolic agents and pesticides in foods.

    Hans started his career in diagnostics, medical analytical instruments and application development working for a number of German companies in chromatography, mass spectrometry and in biotechnology. He joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in Bremen, Germany, and held several international positions covering inorganic and isotope ratio mass spectrometry specializing in food safety, forensic and dioxin analysis. In 2015 Hans established the independent consulting agency HANS Analytical Solutions for the development of automated sample preparation workflows. In his current capacity Hans is located in Osaka, Japan, and serves as the Vice President Sales of the Swiss CTC Analytics AG for the emerging Asia/Pacific region.

    Hans is the author of the popular Wiley “Handbook of GC-MS”, available internationally already in is 3rd edition in 2015, 776 pages, ISBN: 978-3-527-33474-2.

    Recent Developments in Automated Micro-Extraction Techniques for Volatile and Non-Volatile Trace Contaminants

    Micro-extraction techniques become more and more popular in many analytical areas, in particular in environmental and food safety trace analysis. There are many compelling benefits for users, laboratories and not least for our environment in the context of “green analytical chemistry”.
    Typically, the micro-extraction techniques come as an instrument solution. The usual manual extraction and clean-up steps are largely replaced by an automated workflow. The workflow for a specific analysis is provided with the instrument in a customized configuration to fulfil the requirements of the official methods. Customized procedures for individual needs are also established.

    The seminar provides an actual overview of the currently most used microextraction techniques in the analytical laboratory. In the following turnkey solutions are presented for
    - the analysis of drinking water using solid phase microextraction (SPME) and dynamic headspace (Purge & Trap, ITEX),
    - the automated clean-up of QuEChERS extracts for pesticides analysis in food samples with micro-SPE, and
    - the liquid/liquid micro extraction (LLE) for metabolite analysis in staple food and clinical diagnostic and research.



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