• Live Labs spanning 2,000+ square meters
  • Create an immersive, open and shared space of future laboratory


Live Lab Partners:

1. Live Lab - Life Sciences (750 square meters)

WALDNER and its Chinese strategic partners, Suzhou DAXPRO and Shanghai UFU, will build a giant booth of more than 700 square meters. With the users, their different industry backgrounds, and their laboratory needs in focus, the Live Lab consists of three independent labs designed with advanced concepts and for specific purposes: the Intelligent QC Lab, the Innovative Drug Research and Development Lab (CAR-T), and the Physical and Biochemical Testing Lab. The three labs, along with the public area, will make the largest and most comprehensive life science laboratory demonstration ever built by labtech China.

1.1 Public space

Open office, leisure & communication area, conference room, independent functional rooms

1.2 Intelligent QC Lab

Live Lab Designed by WALDNER

Concepts: keep improving | Movable, high-quality, sustainable

Lab profile:

The lab features all the most advanced products and solutions of WALDNER, including the WALDNER fume hood product line with their extremely narrow bezels, control panels, automatic doors and windows, and anti-drop door and window systems; the WALDNER furniture series and the slides, 270-degree anklet and silent rollers used; the WALDNER coffee bar that emphasizes face-to-face communication in the early design stage. All these show that WALDNER has done extremely good job in all the details of lab products and design.

Under the DIMENSIONS mobile laboratory concept, WALDNER developed flexible and movable lab furniture. The modular panels of the central platform can be easily changed; The experiment records by the fume hood can be shared in real time; WALDNER can also tailor-make laboratory products according to customer needs.

WALDNER stands for innovation, diversity and high quality; it has novel ideas and the necessary courage and boldness as well; WALDNER researches and develops high-quality solutions according to customer needs and special requirements, so as to ensure the highest degree of functional satisfaction and sustainability.

Instrument Brands:

1.3 Innovative Drug Research and Development Laboratory (CAR-T)

Live Lab Designed by Shanghai UFU

Concepts: free exploration | efficient, cutting-edge, innovative

Lab profile:

UFU is keen on the efficiency, innovation and overall quality of the laboratory. It focuses on the specific needs of the user, and provides one-stop laboratory services.

UFU adopts an embedded double-rectangle laboratory design, which offers comfortable working experience with convenient and efficient work space. UFU also emphasizes laboratory quality and product innovation. All its laboratory furniture is produced by self-run factory, so it has full control of the product quality in every detail and guarantees a high-quality laboratory experience of the users.

The professional laboratory design team of UFU adopts cutting-edge design concepts and prioritizes the fast application of such cutting-edge concepts in every design.

UFU - Driving global scientific research and innovation!

Instrument Brands:

1.4 Physical and Biochemical Testing Lab

Live Lab Designed by DAXPRO

Concepts: Standards of a great country | Flexible, personalized, happy

Lab profile:

DAXPRO focuses on the integrated design of the testing laboratory while fully considering its particular needs and safety. At the Live Lab, it showcases its design style through the different configurations of the central table and the side table in a 90-square-meter space. It also introduces its flexible design concept that streamlines experiments through the Live Lab; Also, while fully in line with the safety and efficiency requirements of the laboratory, it provides a humanistic design that focuses on individual needs and the happiness of the staff.

We make every effort to provide standardized, systematic, intelligent and humanistic laboratory solutions.

Instrument Brands:

2. Live Lab - High-level Field Biosafety Lab

Live Lab Designed by Kebei Technology

Concepts: Truth-seeking and Pragmatic | safety, intelligence, independently developed

Wuhan Kebei Technology Co., Ltd., based on its successful experience of building P3 and P4 laboratories over the years and abundant knowledge of their particularities, introduces the know-how of P3 laboratory building through case studies, with an aim to help improve the overall quality of P3 laboratory construction. At the Live Lab, Kebei will build an assembly-style P3 laboratory, whose main frame is welded with finished steel pipes, the indoor and outdoor wall panels are made of stainless steel plates, and the main supporting equipment and facilities such as airtight doors, transfer windows, and air-tight aqueducts are all imported or domestically produced biosafety products. In addition, Kebei will showcases its independently-developed laboratory equipment and supporting instruments such as intelligent integrated laboratory management platforms, test benches, and fume hoods at analytica China 2020.

3. Live Lab—5G-equipped Smart Lab

Live Lab Designed by Shanghai Hanguang

Concepts: Tailor-made | Forward-looking, flexible, intelligent

Hanguang will address the needs of users in different industries and gave full play to its advantages as an integrated laboratory supplier to show the real application scenarios of modern 5G-equipped smart laboratories.

The exhibition area is divided into two parts: the offline Live Lab and the online smart exhibition area. The Live Lab creates a Flexible laboratory to show what an efficient and innovative laboratory is like. The online exhibition presents how a modern laboratory is built through an intelligent management platform and a VR laboratory visit.

4. Live Lab - High-tech Innovation Lab

Live Lab Designed by Shanghai Nori

Concept: Reform and Innovation | high standard, high efficiency, multi-function

At analytica China 2020, Nori will illustrate its theme "Joining Hands with Labflex to Promote Industry Transformation and Upgrading" through the debut exhibition of fume hood and lab bench products that are in line with the most stringent standards and designed with ergonomic design concepts. The modular-designed products are safe, durable and high-efficient without sacrificing its aesthetic feelings.

Labflex has been committed to the production of high-end laboratory furniture for more than 50 years. Its high product quality, excellent design and R&D strength have been recognized by global top 100 companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, and Pfizer. The new laboratory bench and fume hood concepts jointly created by Nori and Labflex feature a combination of laboratory sustainability and people-oriented ideas, in addition to fully considering the functional requirements, safety and comfort of the laboratory. Nori is committed to creating professional overall laboratory solutions that, while focusing on experimental efficiency, take into account the effective use of resources and environmental protection. In this way, Nori has managed to achieve both customer comfort and the use of scientific and technological innovation concepts.

Instrument brands:

Image source: provided by Nori

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5. Clinical Lab——Clinical Diagnosis and Field Research Lab

labtech China 2020 will feature a Clinical Lab of more than 600 square meters in Hall E7 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The lab will cover exhibits in three areas: tumor and translation, Covid diagnosis and research, and new drugs and vaccines R&D. High-quality Chinese and international companies will bring innovative products and technologies that showcase the latest developments in life sciences and diagnostics. At the same time, the "2020 Translational Medicine Innovation Technology Forum Series" will be held with invited industry expert speeches on research developments and cutting-edge technologies. The Clinical Lab will provide a high-quality event and a platform for industry-university-research exchanges and interactions that promote the mutual support of fundamental scientific research and clinical applications.



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