Live Lab: Smart Lab

The Smart Lab, one of the three Live Labs of labtech China Congress 2021, is built by Shanghai Hanguang Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hanguang"). It centers on the concept of digitalized laboratory and provides experience of the efficiency brought by the application of IoT and big data technologies in labs. A digitalized laboratory not only means the use of digital technology in laboratory personnel management, equipment management, and data management, but also its use in laboratory workflow standardization and technical management that can improve the overall lab efficiency, making it an important part of future labs.

Live Lab: Chemical Lab

As one of the three Live Labs of labtech China Congress 2021, the Chemical Lab is built by Shanghai SAN Technology Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: SAN GROUP).

In the laboratory, chemical experiment is an important link in the life cycle of chemical reagents. After the reagent leaves the reagent library and enters the laboratory, it has started its cycle of use. In the laboratory space, the chemical reagents shall be handled by all scientific researchers in strict accordance with the specifications and operating procedures. There shall also be emergency plans. The laboratory is an indoor space with special functions. It houses materials and equipment of different disciplines and functions. So it is not only a complex, but also an integrated system. Therefore, the transition of chemical substance between lab equipment, between the laboratory and the reagent library, and between the laboratory and the temporary storage area is the key to their life cycle. At labtech China Congress, this point is clearly stated in the immersive experience provided by the safety island, the laboratory ventilation system, the laboratory operation space, laboratory hazardous chemicals storage area and the smart simulation.

Live Lab: Sustainable Green Innovation Lab

One of the three Live Labs of labtech China Congress 2021, Sustainable Green Innovation Lab, built by WALDNER (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WALDNER), is keen on building a safe, comfortable, green, energy-saving, sustainable lab. It aims to work with customers to develop future-centric ideas and build laboratories that take into account safety and comfort, green energy conservation and sustainable development at the same time. The Live Labs will also present biopharmaceutical-related products and equipment in an immersive manner.



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