Shanghai Hanguang Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hanguang Industry Co., Ltd.

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Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Diagnostics

Laboratory apparatus

Company Profile

Shanghai Hanguang Industry Co., Ltd. (Hanguang industry for short) was founded in January 2003 . The headquarters of Hanguang industry is located in Xuhui District,Shanghai,China. Hanguang industry becomed the wholly-owned subsidiary of the listing Corporation : Shenzhen Selen Polytron Technologies Inc (stock name: Selen technology, stock code: 002341) in 2013 .
Hanguang Industry is a Professional company specialized in design, development, production of modern laboratory furniture ,ancillary facilities and engineering services . Relying on the rich experiences of more than 10 years for laboratory system engineering,Hanguang Industry takes the lead in the introduction of the international advanced design concepts of "people-oriented" culture,and Injects into the products.
This combines ergonomics and fashion elements, conform to the trend of the development of domestic products, change the image of heavy, stiff and dull, make the products of Hanguang Industry talent showing in the industry, and become the leading position in the field of laboratory furniture and equipment. At the same time, Hanguang Industry has become the exclusive distributor of Wesemann in Asia Pacific area, which is the second major European laboratory furniture and equipment manufacturer and member of the USA scientific laboratory equipment and furniture International Association (SEFA) .
Hanguang industry adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first" , advocates the core value of "integrity, professional passion" , bases on providing integrated solutions of laboratory system engineering for customers all over the world. Through the creation of high-quality products and providing quality services, Hanguang industry devoted to the construction of the global laboratory system contribution, creating a comfortable life of human safety and health.

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