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Nanjing Naudan is a professional laboratory solution provider in china, include laboratory design, construction and operation aspect . The company actively develops the market and has set up branches and offices in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other provinces and cities to provide customers with active and effective face-to-face design consulting services. The company adopts international management mode to gather a group of high-level R & D technical personnel. Up to now, 60% of the core members of the team have bachelor's degree or above, and the average working years of professional technical personnel are more than 8 years. The company vigorously introduces advanced production and testing equipment, with years of construction experience and advanced construction concept, combines ergonomics and fashion elements, and injects the concept of "people-oriented" into products. In recent years, the company has won a number of honorary qualifications, and has a number of independent R&D products and unique intellectual property rights. Naudan has always been customer-oriented, customized your office and experiment place, so that every laboratory science and technology workers can experience the safe, efficient, handy and pleasant working environment brought to you by Naudan.

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