The 11th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology, and Diagnostics came to a successful conclusion on July 13, 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai). As a lighthouse exhibition for the laboratory industry, analytica China has been a great meeting place for the industry to exchange technology and know-how, gain insights into new forms, explore new opportunities and discuss new developments. The show brought together 1,273 exhibitors and partners (1,121 in 2020) and 56,864 professional visitors (23,652 in 2020). More than 900 new exhibits, innovative technologies, and cutting-edge solutions were presented in eight exhibition areas with nearly 80,000 square meters in total (60,000 square meters in 2020). The highlight of the show, the double immersive future laboratory space (Live Lab), attracted numerous professional visitors.


Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEO of Messe München GmbH, spoke highly of this exhibition. He said, "As a leading exhibition for analysis, laboratory technology, and biochemical technology, analytica China provided visitors with a brand-new platform for learning, communication, and information sharing, bringing together innovative products, cutting-edge technologies from home and abroad, and future development trends. The exhibition's success has strengthened joint innovation and industrial collaboration, promoted talent exchange and technology integration, and advanced the industry's high-quality development."


Mr. Stephen Lu, the COO of Messe Muenchen Shanghai, said in his interview, "This year's analytica China has made remarkable breakthroughs in terms of exhibition area and the number of exhibitors. First, the total exhibition area was nearly 80,000 square meters, which is 30% more than the previous one, hitting a record high. Second, life sciences, biotechnology, diagnostics, laboratory planning and construction have made significant progress that constantly changes the laboratory ecology and it’s life cycle. Third, 900+ BrandNEW arrival exhibits, and 116 newly launched products of global and China debut were unveiled at this exhibition, building a bridge for fast business matching. This year, analytica China and labtech China Congress again joined hands to present this grand exhibition. Going forward, they will continue to make use of exhibitions to empower the industry with digital intelligent laboratory, and inject a strong impetus into the sustainable development of the industry."


Eight exhibition areas were fully renewed to become an "incubator" and "booster" for new products

analytica China attracted a large number of well-known enterprises from home and abroad with its unique concept, professional organization, and strong industry influence. Many enterprises regard analytica China as an ideal "incubator" and "booster" for new products and services, and the exhibition has become a grand gathering for new products, technologies, and services.


James Wang, APAC Marketing Director of PerkinElmer Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. enjoyed the show: “It is the tenth time we participated in the exhibition. analytica China has many advantages: firstly, it is very influential; Secondly, it has a long history and a long-standing position in the industry; Thirdly, it has a large number of professional customers. What impresses me the most this year is the co-location of analytica China, electronica China and LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA. Through them, we can get to know new application fields, which greatly reduces our cost in communication.”


Jiaxiang Hu, General Manager of Marketing Department Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division of SHIMADZU(CHINA)CO.,LTD. commented:“ We have been participating in analytica China since 2010, and this is the seventh time. What impressed me the most about the show is that it is very professional. The whole organization plan is well thought and effectively implemented. It has done a great work in either the preparation before opening, the feedback after the show, or in the customer research. I expect that, with its good organizational work, the next exhibition will make greater breakthroughs in professional forums and the overall exhibition planning.”


The special exhibition area was expanded and upgraded to guide the new direction of digital transformation of future intelligent laboratory

This year's fair features the six highly acclaimed basic exhibition areas from previous years, including Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Diagnosis, Analysis and Quality Control, Sample Treatment and General Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Design, Construction and Management, Laboratory Safety, and China Force Core Area. Meanwhile, the two key areas, Laboratory Automation and Digitalization and Core Components of Laboratory Equipment, have undergone comprehensive upgrades to exhibit more diverse products, including new products, technologies, and services. Eight exhibition areas were fully renewed and optimized with a precise classification of exhibits, providing a more convenient and efficient experience for visitors.


The Laboratory Automation and Digitalization area involved laboratory automation equipment, laboratory automation workstations, laboratory automation measurement, laboratory data management, laboratory automation software and systems, laboratory image processing automation, laboratory robotics, and other related technologies and products. It showcased new products, technologies, applications, and solutions in the field of laboratory automation and digitalization in two ways: product display and concurrent conferences, which helped boost the intelligent development of future laboratories and promote laboratory technology and R&D innovation. The Core Components of Laboratory Equipment Exhibition Area covered hot topics such as environmental monitoring, food safety, life sciences, in vitro diagnosis (IVD), and biotechnology, providing total solutions to scientific equipment and core components for industry buyers including complete instrument manufacturers, solution providers, scientific and research institutions, and key laboratories. The two major exhibition areas continue to make innovations in the domain of relevant products and technologies, such as laboratory automation system solutions, digital transformation, critical raw materials, and core components. They will gather high-quality exhibitors from Chinese and international markets to promote the intelligent and digital development of future laboratories, make breakthroughs in key technologies, and ensure supply chain security, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement.


Domestic instruments demonstrating China's strength and empowering the rise of Chinese manufacturing

The analytical laboratory industry in China has tremendous potential and a thriving demand, making it a significant driving force for global industry growth. In the face of the huge market demand and development potential, it is of paramount importance to foster the growth of high-end instruments, encourage mutual connectivity, resource sharing, and technological advancement between domestic and international markets, and promote the development of the analytical laboratory industry in China. As more and more outstanding Chinese companies emerge, there is a growing emphasis on strengthening independent innovation capacity and learning from foreign technologies. These efforts contribute intelligence and strength to the vibrant development of the Chinese analytical laboratory industry, gradually propelling it onto the global stage. The featured China Force Core Area gathered the "Chinese strength" of major domestic instrument brands, demonstrating the groundbreaking achievements that China has made in cutting-edge scientific technology and the development of high-end instrument equipment.


Jia Cao, Product Line Director of BEIJING PURKINJE GENERAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD. has a long history with analytica China, so he is familiar with its growth: “I have a long history with analytica China, because I have participated in analytica and analytica Vietnam before, and the results were both very good. When I participated in analytica China for the first time, I found that there were a lot of international exhibitors in the halls, and many exhibitors had made it a tradition to participate in analytica China every two years.”


Gathering new applications in life sciences and creating a one-stop service and communication platform for biology

To closely align with national development strategies and market trends in various areas including medical testing, vaccine research, medical devices, and traditional Chinese medicine, the Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Diagnosis Exhibition Area was one of the key exhibition areas at analytica China. It aimed to create an all-in-one service and communication platform catering to life science research, healthcare, clinical diagnosis, and innovative drug development. Renowned companies showcased their advanced instrumentation, biochemical reagents, diagnostic instruments and reagents, consumables, accessories, and technical services in the field of life sciences at analytica China.


An exhibition area for Biotechnology and R&D services was set up in Hall 8.2, subdividing exhibits and their application fields. In combination with concurrent forums and training sessions, this area enhanced the interaction between exhibitors and users.


Over 100 concurrent conferences bring unique insights into hot topics

This trade fair offered over 100 specialized thematic reports, delving into cutting-edge topics that users are particularly concerned about, such as laboratory construction, life sciences, biotechnology, diagnosis, translational medicine, biopharmaceuticals, food safety, environmental analysis and testing, and sample pretreatment. Many renowned industry experts and scholars participated in the exhibition, presenting a lineup of remarkable lectures that fostered intellectual exchange.


Wei Chao, Research Fellow, Chemical Metrology and Analysis Science Division, National Insititute of Metrology said: “My main purpose of attending analytica China is to see the cutting-edge and mainstream analytical instruments and equipment. The exhibition is very impressive with over 1,200 exhibitors and an upgraded exhibit profile and display measures. It represents the technological innovation of China. As for analytica China 2024, I expect to see more exhibitors, both from China and abroad.”


Sustaining the mode of showcasing the laboratory industry, supporting the entire lifecycle of laboratories with an all-round approach

As an expansion of analytica China in laboratory design, construction, and management, labtech China Congress dived into innovative technologies and emerging trends in global laboratory design, construction, and management through high-quality summits on laboratory construction and workshops that were organized across a large-scale laboratory exhibition area of 12,000 square meters. The Live Lab, a multi-theme field simulation laboratory, integrated industry trends with on-site product demonstrations, providing guests and enterprises with an immersive experience and efficient exchange opportunities. Embracing the innovative "exhibition + conference" model introduced by the first labtech China Congress for the laboratory industry, Live Lab serves the scientific research ecosystem and the full life circle of laboratories from multiple dimensions including laboratory construction, furniture, heating and ventilation, cleanliness, storage, instruments, safety, and intelligence.


Li Fan, General Manager of WALDNER (Shanghai) Technology Co. Ltd. Said: “Through labtech China Congress, we gain access to the latest industry information and see the latest research results and developments from our colleagues, both upstream and downstream. The number of participants at labtech China Congress is larger than expected, and everyone is enthusiastic. The exhibition is quite big, and we hope it will maintain the same level next time. It has done a great job in terms of planning, promotion, layout design, and exhibitor invitation. The visitors are from a wide range of industries. There are also partners from both upstream and downstream industries that we have kept a close relationship with. I hope the exhibition cycle can be extended, and I hope there will be more time and more publicity next year!”


Wei Chao, Research Fellow, Chemical Metrology and Analysis Science Division, National Insititute of Metrology said: “Lab safety and construction is one of my focuses in labtech China Congress, because our lab is being upgraded, and I am responsible for lab safety. The exhibition is very large, and there are many special exhibition areas that can provide very good support to lab upgrades, including safety devices. The exhibition has played an important supporting role for the entire laboratory industry.”


analytica China 2024 is scheduled for November 18–20, 2024 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. For more information, please visit the official website of the exhibition: