ForecastⅠ New Development: Serving the Entire Life Cycle of China’s Laboratory Industry

In recent years, laboratory construction has been a topic of close attention in Chinese industry, including laboratory planning and construction, laboratory environment and safety, smart laboratories, laboratory efficiency and management, and harmonious development between humans and laboratories. Laboratory safety is a fundamental and important aspect of laboratory work. In 2024,we predict that there will continue to be a strong emphasis on advancing laboratory safety, enhancing the compliance and standardization of laboratory construction, and moving towards intelligent, sustainable, and low-carbon development in China. Strengthening international exchanges and the sharing of laboratory construction technology can drive the integration of Chinese industry, academia, research, and enterprise. Improvements, enhancements, and innovations are being made throughout the entire lab research ecosystem and the full life cycle of laboratory O&M, including laboratory design, planning, construction, and operational management. Collectively, these efforts will advance China's future development of laboratories in education and scientific research, chemistry and chemical engineering, biomedicine, life science, medical and health care, food and environment and third-party testing.

Forecast Ⅱ New Opportunities: Life Science Industry in China Entering the "Fast Lane"

The life sciences industry is at a critical stage of rapid development, focusing on various fields such as medical testing, vaccine R&D, gene therapy, clinical diagnosis, new drug R&D, and TCM.

In the future, we forecast that there will be an emergence of synthetic biology research results, well-known enterprises, and high-end talents with international influence, forming a new Chinese development pattern characterized by active basic R&D, innovative transformation, vigorous growth of industry entities, and a sound industrial ecosystem. The initiation of the revision of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2025 edition) indicates that the standards for TCM are being further improved to match TCM's characteristics. For China’s laboratory industry, the standards for chemical drugs, biological products, pharmaceutical excipients, and packaging materials are expected to reach or closely approximate the international advanced level, significantly enhancing the quality control and safety guarantee of drugs.

With technologies such as collaborative robots and intelligent manufacturing shining in the China’s laboratory industry, many more industry segments, demands, and scenarios have emerged. These include environmental analysis, materials analysis, third-party testing, big health, early disease screening, tumor diagnosis, precision medicine, gene synthesis, cell therapy, RNA small molecule drugs, RNA vaccines, IVD molecular diagnostics, clinical medicine, laboratory safety, recycling of renewable resources, TCM, new drug R&D, semiconductors, electrochemistry, and more.

Forecast Ⅲ New Exchanges: Technology/Product Insights Through International Exchanges

New products, technologies, and solutions discovered in fields such as laboratories, analysis, biochemistry, and diagnostics are advancing the transformation of the laboratory industry chain in China, sharing new development opportunities and deepening international exchanges.

With the continuous update of products, the Chinese industry technology trends are showcased, offering innovative directions for future technology that directly meet user needs and effectively achieve a circle of innovative technology exchange. In 2024, it’s easy to forecast that a convergence of the latest products in the fields of analysis, biochemistry, diagnostics, and the laboratory industry will be witnessed, encouraging the exchange of innovative technology products. The development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G mobile networks, VR, high-throughput processes, and gene therapy will continue to change the future of the China’s laboratory industry. By showcasing industry innovation in energy saving, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and quality control, we will build direct bridges with audiences for rapid business matchmaking.

Forecast Ⅵ New Track: Breaking down Technological Barriers

China places great emphasis and has introduced multiple policies to encourage and support the development and innovation of industries such as cutting-edge new materials, new energy, and carbon neutrality. The new material industry is an important foundational, strategic, and pioneering industry. It is also one of the commanding heights that countries around the world are competing to seize in the global high-tech competition. Chinese leading  enterprises in the laboratory industry are exploring new commercial opportunities in relevant fields, showcasing innovative technology, overcoming scientific barriers, and aiding domestic and international engineering research and application development of scientific instruments. In the future, they will focus on the development of reliable, durable, user-friendly, and desired high-end scientific instruments, promoting industrial upgrading and development, and supporting the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies.

In today's era of continuous scientific breakthroughs and rapid iterations, industries across different disciplines are achieving deeper innovation through interdisciplinary integration, which has become a new model for industrial development and scientific research in China.