At the analytica China 2023, we invited many exhibitors to receive our live interviews in cooperation with LaborPraxis China.During the interviews, we had in-depth discussions with exhibitors on the five keywords of data accuracy and compliance, big health, protein analysis, smart laboratory, and high-throughput screening.

Keywords 1: Gene Synthesis, Full Automation,

Laboratory Safety, Waste Efficiency



“The products we brought are to meet the needs of all the users in the life science and pharmaceutical equipment fields. For example, our fully automated high-throughput equipment uses automation and technology to free people from time-consuming laboratory work. In addition, our consumables, reagents and instruments can save manpower and meet safety standards with safe and efficient design. After the promulgation of the Biosecurity Law of the People's Republic of China, the problem of liquid waste discharge polluted by reagent consumables has attracted public attention. One advantage of our products is reduced waste discharge by reagent consumables, thus making contributions to China's environmental protection endeavor. Therefore, our products, concepts, and vision are all in line with our slogan, 'Make Research Easy'.”

Xiaoyin Dong, CPBU global commercial head

GenScript Biotech Corporation

Keywords 2: Analysis of Complex Samples,

Cytokines, Big Health, Early Disease Screening



“The chromatographic column product we launched this time can display different samples more clearly, making it more convenient for customers to analyze the results. In addition, in the post-pandemic era, people have paid more attention to the detection of proteins that are directly related to our human immune system. Therefore, we displayed our high-sensitivity cytokine detection system this time. This system can detect changes in protein with ultra-low concentrations and make early and effective predictions for heart diseases.”

Vivian Zou,Head of Commercial Marketing, Science and Lab Solutions China

Merck Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Keywords 3: Smart Laboratory, Unmanned/Informatization

/Automation,Upgrade from Stand-alone to All-in-one Machine

“At this analytica China, we mainly displayed our sample pretreatment technologies, including automated concentration, automated and diverse extraction, organic matter and soil PH. Our all-in-one machine for automated concentration and extraction doesn't need manual work from evolution to concentration. In addition, we will also display our smart laboratory blueprint during the event. In the smart laboratory, we will provide unmanned, IT-based and automated solutions.”

Leslie Dong, Vice General Manager

RayKol Group

Keywords 4: RNA, Nucleic Acid Drugs, High Throughput

“Our company has made a lot of investments in the past two years. At this analytica China, we released our new product, i.e. high-throughput synthesis workstation, which represents a breakthrough in our R&D this year. As an indispensable part of RNA drug preparation, cationic liposomes have received more and more attention. The high-throughput equipment we displayed this time is characterized by high throughput, high efficiency and automation, which can effectively solve such problems as cationic lipid screening.”

Liang Lin, General Manager

Esco Lifesciences Group

Keywords 5: Small Animal In Vivo Imaging,

Operational Convenience, Data Compliance

“For this year's analytica China, we displayed our brand-new small animal in vivo imager which adopts cryogenic refrigeration technology and replaces traditional LED light sources with colorless lasers. This new product enjoys a remarkable improvement in imaging sensitivity, fluorescence signal-to-noise ratio, operational convenience, and data accuracy compliance. In addition to new products and technologies, we have also showcased our application solutions for various industries, including new materials, semiconductors, environment, pharmaceuticals, food, petrochemicals, and chemicals.”

Yang Jialin, Marketing Director

Analytik-jena GmbH

Booth Layout of analytica China 2024

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