At the analytica China 2023, we invited many exhibitors to receive our live interviews in cooperation with LaborPraxis China. During the interviews, we had in-depth discussions with exhibitors on keywords such as:

  • cell therapy
  • Made in China
  • IVD molecular diagnosis
  • cryogenic grinding with liquid nitrogen 
  • sterile operation

Keywords 1: Made in China, Glass Chemical Equipment

“Beijing Glass Group Company is a group company. For this year's analytica China, we have displayed many of our new products, such as the large glass chemical equipment set, glass volumetric apparatus, and ground glass series products, all of which use international high-end technologies. We hope that we can promote our high-quality products and offer homemade high-quality glass laboratory equipment for Chinese enterprises and thus reflect the strength of "Made in China".”

Deyong Shang, Sales Director

Beijingglass Trading Center

Keywords 2: Cell Therapy, Sterile Operation,

Shortening R&D Cycle, Reshaping the Supply Chain



“Our GMP Cell Preparation Station and Honeycomb Culture System together can ensure individualized treatment and sterile operation in the production process. Our BRG Bioreactor can provide more choices and stronger functions, greatly reducing the risks and consumable loss during scaling-down and scaling-up, while shortening the R&D cycle.”

Max Yin, International Commercial Director

Tofflon Life Science Co., Ltd.

Keywords 3: Real-time Pipette Calibration, High Throughput,

Cryogenic Grinding with Liquid Nitrogen,

IVD Molecular Diagnostics

“For this year's analytica China, we have brought the "Rising Star"—Pipette Calibrator, which can quickly, accurately and effectively calibrate multi-channel pipettes to ensure the timely detection of problems and corresponding calibration. Our grinding series products are characterized by automation and high throughput and can grind high-volume tissues of multiple samples and ensure rapid and efficient extraction of nucleic acids, proteins, and other molecules. Our cryogenic grinding with liquid nitrogen can help with more stable and safer RNA and PNA extraction in a liquid nitrogen environment, or make biological samples brittle at liquid nitrogen temperatures to better pulverize the materials and retain those related to life sciences. This time, we have also displayed our IVD molecular diagnostics product. Using unique technology, the product can better retain the nucleic acid in a microorganism and close its outer protein shell to make it lose its replication ability. This product enjoys wide application in the diagnosis of respiratory infectious diseases, AIDS, and other infectious diseases.”

Darwin Deng, General Manager, China

Cole-Parmer Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Keywords 4: Electronic Adjustable Spacer Pipette,

Quick Switching, Saving Time

“Our electronic adjustable spacer multichannel pipette has realized the simultaneous transfer between three kinds of labware with different specifications and sizes and between 6, 8 and 12 channels. The tip spacing can be changed by pressing a button without manual adjustment, which realizes easy and quick switching, saves operational time, and improves the repeatability of experimental results. This product has filled the gap in China and has offered a good alternative for imported brands.”

Karen Wu, GM Assistant


Keywords 5: Automated High-throughput Chemical Synthesis

Workstation,Smart IoT Laboratory, Visualized Interface



“The automated high-throughput chemical synthesis workstation we launched this time can accurately control solid powder, gas, and liquid. Up to 120 reaction bottles can be put in it at one time and the visualized operation interface can let people view the experimental process in real time to make the experiment more interesting. In addition, we also launched the smart AIoT laboratory this time. Relying on diverse leading technologies such as AI wearable-based recognition health system, automated explosion-proof glass window, and intelligent window sensing, multiple parties in the laboratory can be connected.”

Hua Zhang, Co-founder and EVP

Shanghai Titan Scientific Co., Ltd.

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