At the analytica China 2023, we invited many exhibitors to receive our live interviews. During the interviews, we had in-depth discussions with exhibitors on the five keywords of automation and digitalization, sustainable development, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, environmental analysis, and multi-field integration.

Keywords 1: Digital Pipetting,

Sustainable Development, Recyclable Materials

"Our digital products can help us record the pipetting steps in real time, thus realizing the digitization of pipetting. In addition, Eppendorf pays great importance to the sustainable development concept. So we have also displayed bio-based consumable products made of bio-recyclable materials. Many of our pipettes and centrifuges have adopted sustainable design."

Ada Yang, Marketing Manager, mLH & Consumables

Eppendorf China

Keywords 2: Digital Transformation, Internet of Things,

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement, Alliance

"In recent years, China has been advocating digital transformation. In response, we have launched a series of digital products in line with national policies. We use core technologies such as IoT, AI, and distributed storage to standardize data and help customers conduct testing according to the correct operation process to avoid human errors.

At the same time, we keep a standardized record of the generated testing data, generate testing reports according to customers' needs, and conduct in-depth application and mining of these testing data to reflect the value of the data and truly help customers realize digital transformation."

Jia Cao, Product Line Director

Beijing Purkinje General Instrument Co., Ltd.

Keywords 3: Automation, AI,

Environmental Analysis, Short Delivery Time

"In response to the global trend of automation development, we have brought complete sets of automated and AI-based laboratory information management systems. In addition, we have gradually introduced high-quality mass spectrometry products into China since 2021. For environmental issues that people are concerned about, our products can also meet customers' needs for high sensitivity, anti-pollution, etc."

Jiaxiang Hu, General Manager of Marketing Department, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division

Shimadzu (China) Co., Ltd.

Keywords 4: Flow Cytometer,

Tumor Diagnosis, Automation, Multi-field Fusion

"We chose analytica China as the occasion to display and release our new mass spectrometry instruments. Our automation products can solve the physical and chemical analysis problems encountered in laboratories. In addition, we have also displayed our flow cytometer products which can be applied to diverse scenarios in fields such as cell analysis, tumor diagnosis, and cell therapy. In the future, we hope that more physical and chemical analysis technologies can be introduced into the field of life sciences for multi-field integration so as to promote the development of the whole industry."

Xiaofeng Yu, Deputy General Manager

Hangzhou EXPEC Technology Co., Ltd.

Keywords 5: Food Testing, Laboratory Information Management,

Instrument Maintenance System, High-Purity Reagent Testing

"As China enters the era of Industry 4.0, there has been a high demand for introducing digital, information and intelligent technologies to the instrument industry. We need to provide real-time, accurate, centralized, and distributed data. The online management system we have displayed can transmit laboratory information in real time and carry out instrument maintenance in a targeted and automated manner.

In addition, we have exhibited some instruments for high-end users to realize intelligent and digital upgrading, thus effectively improving corresponding sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility and meeting the diverse needs of different customers."

James Wang, APAC Marketing Director[

PerkinElmer Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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