At the analytica China 2023, we invited many exhibitors to receive our live interviews in cooperation with LaborPraxis China. During the interviews, we had in-depth discussions with exhibitors on keywords such as collaborative robots, low-carbon economy, laboratory data management, TCM, material analysis, analysis of environmentally hazardous substances, and unattended technology.

Keywords 1: Collaborative Robots, Low-carbon Economy,

Unattended Technology, Laboratory Data Management



“In the post-pandemic era, we rely on the business economy and social economy to reduce production costs and energy consumption through technological innovation, institutional innovation, energy development, etc. It is an important part of promoting new scientific and technological revolutions in the future.

We have displayed our new laboratory assistant product at this year's analytica China. As an intelligent automated desktop platform for laboratory application scenarios, the product adopts a modular design that enables quick adaptation to customer needs, compact layout, and fast implementation. In addition, our one-key start and friendly human-computer interaction interface can help customers know how to use it quickly.

The product is suitable for different laboratory platforms in various scenarios, including physical and chemical laboratories, biological laboratories, small-molecule drugs, biological medicines, biology, MR vaccines, R&D laboratories, in vitro diagnosis and third-party testing.”

Joe Yan, Chief Product Officer

Bioyond Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Keywords 2: Domestic Substitution,

Diversified Product Line, High Throughput



“The Baixiaobai high-end laboratory cleaning product we display this time can solve the pain points during the laboratory operation process. We use an automatic cleaning machine with a large capacity and a high throughput, which can judge the cleaning effect in real time, reduce the operation time of laboratory staff, and conduct program loading.

The products we display include chromatography series, gas-phase ion mobility spectrometry, elemental analysis series, sample pretreatment series, electrochemistry series, physical optics series and dissolution sampling series. In addition, we cooperate with the new brand Baixiaobai to bring full-automatic cleaning and disinfection products, so our product range is relatively diversified.”

Alex, Vice-General Manager


Keywords 3: TCM, Automation,

Data Traceability and Management



“Our high-performance thin-layer chromatography technology is applied to the field of TCM. Our HBTLC Pro automation system can connect and accelerate the clinical testing process and effectively solve such problems as data reproduction in the testing field. In the pharmaceutical field, we have launched an automated platform for solid tablet sample preparation, which can automatically and continuously process samples, thus improving the testing efficiency of laboratories while reducing manual work. In addition, another advantage of the automated platform is that it can make data electronic. All the data in the process can be systematically recorded. If data overflow occurs, the source of relevant data can be traced quickly, so it is a good management mode for both QC laboratories and analytical laboratories.”

Candy Tang, Product Manager

NIKYANG Enterprise Ltd.

Keywords 4: Material Analysis, Electron Microscopy,

Analysis of Environmentally Hazardous Substances,

Analytical Software for Fluorescence Data



“The theme of our participation in this year's analytica China is "Focusing on Subtlety and Precision". Hitachi utilizes its technical advantages in "observation, measurement, and analysis" to provide customers with high-quality products and technical services in pharmaceutical links such as new drug R&D, quality testing, and drug therapy and promote the sustainable development of society. We set up six exhibition areas on the booth, i.e. elemental analysis, physical property analysis, morphological analysis, spectral analysis, chromatographic analysis, and electrochemical analysis, with a total of more than ten categories of exhibits.

The X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer EA1280 we have displayed this time is one of our featured products for this year. Using the new high-performance semiconductor detector, the device boasts excellent new performance and cost-effectiveness and is also suitable for various testing needs. In addition, the device uses coaxial optical elements for sample observation, which greatly improves the accuracy and work efficiency.”

Chang Gao, Minister

Hitachi High-Tech Scientific Solutions (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Keywords 5: Robotic Arm,

High Throughput, Strong Versatility

“INESA has three brands: "Rex", "INESA Analytical Instrument" and "INESA Physico-Optical Instrument".  "Rex" has come with its new product, i.e. the titration system that uses robotic arms. It can realize high-throughput and multi-channel simultaneous titration and support the combination of different titration types and automatic titration and sample injection, thus meeting the needs of third-party laboratories for testing a large number of samples, liberating manpower and improving testing efficiency. "INESA Analytical Instrument" has showcased its featured products such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer and gas chromatography-mass spectrometer. "INESA Physico-Optical Instrument" has exhibited products such as the full-automatic high-speed polarimeter, the full-automatic video melting point apparatus, the full-automatic refractometer, and the automatic densimeter.”

Baigong Xu, Market Manager



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