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Company Profile

DLAB Scientific Co., Ltd, known as Dragon Lab - founded in 2002, is now one of the leading companies worldwide for high quality laboratory instruments and equipment for chemical, biological and clinical diagnostical labs.

All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with
ISO9001/13485 by our dedicated and experienced R&D Engineering team. Our quality control processes start from the metal processing all the way through to the final inspections of the end products and adhere to worldwide accepted quality standards.

With growing international presence and to create a new corporate
identity, we have created a new brand "DLAB". Consequently, Dragon Laboratory Instruments changed to DLAB Scientific, the original manufacturer of bench top equipments. DLAB has subsidiaries in USA as DLAB Scientific Inc., in Europe as DLAB Scientific S.A.S and in India as DLAB Scientific Private Limited.

DLAB Scientific is committed to become a one-stop partner for distributors worldwide with a growing range of general laboratory instruments. Our products are characterized by reliability, high accuracy and have a highly competitive value along with skilled application and after-sales support.

Our brands include: DRAGONLAB™, DLAB™, DRAGONMED™,
DRAGON™ and so on.

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