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Company Profile

Labgic technology is an innovative enterprise engaged in the development and sales of laboratory products. Since established, we are dedicated to provide premium products and service, consistent to the finest standards in this field.

For nearly two decades, we have gained enormous amount of knowledge and experiences in life science area. Our highly qualified and professional employees strive for their best to provide high quality products at competitive prices. Especially after the integration of excellent resources such as technology, products, storage and marketing channels, we had established good reputation in China.

Biosharp, Labselect and Labgic are three brands under Labgic company, which belong to different categories in laboratory products. Biosharp mainly specialized in general lab consumables and ready-to-use solutions. Labselect primarily provides premium consumables for higher ends. Labgic focuses on small desktop instrument in laboratory. Diverse products and services make our products acknowledged and accepted by more and more users.

We, Labgic, will continue to adhere to customer demand as the core to provide one-stop service for different types of customers and deliver high-quality service and strong support for our partners.

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