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Laboratory Design, Construction and Safety

Laboratory apparatus

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Company Profile

SAN GROUP your first choice as a complete integrated supplier for laboratory furniture and accessories, industrial safety equipments around the world. Nearly 50 years ago, our story started with the most basic mission to be the first choice for quality and reliability for our clients,customers and end users. We are proud to say that we continue to maintain our focus on that mission and succeed on a daily basis around the world. We live our motto –Exceeding Your ExpectationsEverywhere.
Understanding that the best way to control the quality, delivery and reliability of our products is to actually produce the products ourselves, we have dedicated more than 15,500 square meters of manufacturing space to support our goals. This manufacturing compound is the home of dedicated, experienced associates who have access to state of the art equipment in order to continue our tradition of high quality and innovative design. Our numerous patents and certifications make it clear that SAN GROUP has developed a worldwide reputation as a market leader and therefore conceived an original market definition beyond made in China; we prefer “Created in China”.

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